A tradition of discovery

In 1805, Lewis and Clark's expedition stood where River's Fork Lodge now stands and envisioned a safe passage to the Pacific Ocean. Several miles later, however, passive waves turned into roaring rapids with cliffs that are 1000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon. The duo and their companions moved on in search of a safer route through the Rocky Mountains.

Almost 160 years later, the Cummings family settled in the area and bought the property that would become the River's Fork Inn and the Triangle C, a bar where locals and travelers could gather at the end of the day, share stories, and tell jokes. The Cummings and their properties were well respected by locals and travelers alike—they were the pillars of the North Fork community.

When mother and caretaker Nancy Cummings passed away in 1995, River's Fork changed hands several times between multiple owners. The Triangle C became a restaurant which became a residence which became a vault of dusty antiques.

By the time friends Jed, Drew, and Christian discovered it, it had fallen into a state of disrepair. The trio, however, were undaunted in their love for the property and the surrounding area—they purchased it at first sight in February, 2021. Since then, they've remodeled the house that used to be known as the Triangle C and turned it into a beautiful and clean cabin perfect for family reunions and large groups.

Jed, Drew, and Christian--the owners of River's Fork Lodge.
The owners: Jed, Drew, and Christian.

The new caretakers, Scott and Ryin, treat guests like family and are beloved by all. When the Moose Fire of 2022 crested the closest mountain and was burning within feet of the lodge, they took action and housed dozens of grateful hotshot crews so that they could have easy access to fight the wildfire and still get a good night's rest.

Lewis and Clark were disappointed when they realized that they wouldn't make it down our canyon safely, but they'd be proud that the area is still full of the same rugged beauty and natural wonder that forced their surrender.